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Riley Elegance - 3 Piece Snooker Cue and Hard Case 3/4 Cut- Ebony Butt- 9.5mm Laminated Tip - 145cm - Black/ Natural Golden Madrone Burl Front Splice

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Brand: RILEY


Riley Elegance Series - 3 - Snooker Cue & Case

Riley have created the Elegance range to give snooker players a state of the art cue, combining all the latest technological features with the tradition and quality upon which we have built our name. Only the finest timbers are used, selected by hand, to ensure only the best grades of timber end up in an Elegance cue. No veneers, just exotic woods fused together to create an understated Elegance that even the most discerning eye cannot fail to recognise.

This particular cue is a two piece cue, cut to the ¾ configuration favoured by many high level players – the joint is out of the eye line when cueing. The joint itself is the renowned quick release joint, highly engineered to ensure maximum stability and precise in use.

The best exotic Wood is used in the butt section, selected for the striking grain patterns typical of the root wood in this tree. Together, a visual feast that is also a finely engineered piece of sporting equipment.


  • Length: 57'' (145cm)
  • Configuration: 3/4 Cut Cue
  • Cue Weight: 17-19.5Oz
  • Tip: 9.5mm Riley Pro Tip
  • Ferrule: 8mm Steel with a 9.5mm Diameter
  • Shaft Wood: Grade 1 North American Ash
  • Joint: Quick Release Steel Joint
  • Butt Wood: Hand Spliced Ebony
  • Butt Design: Exotic Golden Madrone Burl Wood Front Splice
  • Bumper: Premium Ebony Bumper
  • Badge: Precision Inlay Riley Elegance Series Metal Badge
  • Telescopic Extension: 7.75" - 10.75" (19.7-27.3cm)
  • Case: Riley Deluxe Case for 3/4 Cut Cue
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