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Riley Grand Slate Snooker Table - 8ft, 9ft, 10ft or 12ft - Solid Wood - Hand Made

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12ft (Full Size) Snooker Table | Table Size: 384 x 204 cm | Room Size: 671 x 489 cm

10ft Snooker Table | Table Size: 322 x 173cm | Room Size: 610 x 457cm

9ft Snooker Table | Table Size: 292 x 158cm | Room Size: 580 x 442cm

8ft Snooker Table | Table Size: 261 x 143 | Room Size: 549 x 427cm


The Riley Grand is made to the highest standards, the same as the Aristocrat Tournament Champion. The only changes are the square leg finish and of course the striking gloss black and or white custom finish. Contemporary and stylish, the Grand has quickly established itself as the table of choice for those players looking for modern elegance coupled with all the experience and values that the Riley brand embodies.

Manufactured from the finest hand selected solid woods then hand finished to the highest standards, this is not only a superlative piece of sports equipment. This table is a beautifully crafted heirloom that will grace any home.

All Riley Grand tables are custom built to order. The Reason:

To ensure all timbers selected are in optimum condition when used in the manufacture of each table. We do not believe in stock piling tables in warehouses which fluctuate in temperatures which can lead to warpage or elements that can lead to degradation. Each table goes through a rigorous QC process. As each table is hand crafted this ensures a significant amount of checks are made as each table passes through the manufacturing process.

Sizes available: 12', 10', 9' and 8'.

• Manufactured from only the finest Sapele Mahogany and selected hard woods throughout the table. (optional – mahogany construction throughout)

• West of England Strachan 6811 cloth provided as standard

• Club cut slate as used in top snooker clubs throughout the world

Highest quality Italian slate – laser cut, five piece and 4.5cm thick

• Option: Riley V1 steels for optimum response along the whole length of the cushion

• Pocket leathers made from hand selected English Cow hide leather

• Premium Northern Rubber cushion material for consistent bounce and maximum lifespan

* US Shipping Delivery and Installation:

Kerb side delivery included

Installation to be completed by a Riley UK Fitter.

Table must be in the room where it is to be installed, put to one side, with boxes unopened.

The Fitter will require the assistance of 4 men, for approximately 30mins / 1 hour, to lift the slates into position.

Should you have any further questions in relation to the purchase of any Riley slate bed snooker, pool or billiard table, please contact:

(UK Enquiries) +44 (0) 117 304 27 50

(US Enquiries) + 44 (0) 1254 520 18

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